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A life in the same house and a lifetime messing about in boats

Keith has a life long interest in boating and the Thames: he lives in the house in Surbiton where his parents lived and tells of being evacuated during WW2.

He served his national service in The Royal Army pay Corps

His career spanned 4 decades in the Oil industry measuring and certificating transport and storagetank facilities.

A lifetime boating in classic skiffs and canoes.

He has been a member and committee member of The Thames Traditional boat Society for many years and hasa collection of un-powered craft, including a 100 year old double skiff and a kayak he built in his teens.

He leads the TTBS 'Mature Members Group', who every Tuesday morning, come hell or high water, take their boats to a different location for a three hours or so row, ending up unerringly at a fine pub.

Keith is also founder of the TTBS 'Save our slipways' campaign and played a decisive part in getting British Waterways to agree to un-powered craft using locks on the canals, rather than having to portage them round- impossible with a traditional boat such as a skiff.

Felicia was born and brought up in Capetown, South Africa, partly decended from Portugese settlers she led a relatively privileged life, but was saddened at the lot of the African population.

She qualified as a nurse and then settled in UK with Keith.

1940s, 1950s, 1960s, Boats, Oil, Skiff, Thames, TTBS, Work, World War 2
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